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hello I am
Teresa Merriman

Founder & CEO
Art Journal Avenue

Ever since I can remember myself, I’ve had the same things on my bucket list: tour the world, learn different languages, and study cultures. You see, I’ve always been fascinated by the abundance of nature and the curiousness of architecture on the surface of this world. I’m constantly enthralled with the distinctiveness that each human culture has, individually particular and some quite peculiar.

My first attempt to live my dreams was when I moved to Costa Rica. I lived there for a year and a half, and I learned the language fluently and studied the culture enthusiastically. It was then, on that first trip, where I discovered the magic of forever recording my adventures in a Journal.

My love for journals in concert with my unrelenting zest for trekking, I became a traveling artist in 2005 – a bookbinder and journal-maker! To this day, I continue to exhibit my handcrafted leather-bound journals at various juried art shows all over the United States. Throughout my award-winning career as an Artist/Bookbinder, I have visited all 50 of the States, and of course,
my journals have always been my companion along the roads trekked.

Among my insatiable thirst for adventure, I also took many international trips. I’ll never forget the looks of my feet on that volcanic black-sand beach in Iceland. I can still hear the sirens in the streets of Paris, the taste of rain on the summits in the Pyrenees Mountains, the power of the Maori haka in New Zealand. My heart calms with the daydream of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, and my creative spirit dances with the ghosts of Dalí’s party guests on the shores of Port Lligat.

Each one of my travels has been journaled.

Currently, my intuition commands me to take a deeper dive into the world of traveling and art- journaling. A more consistent, deliberate act on living my life’s purpose, and I would love some like-minded companionship! 


This is why I created the community of Art Journal Avenue

“Where we Meet and Journal at the Intersection of Art and Travel.”

I want us to walk this avenue of life together, exploring and examining this brilliant world. I want us to share the marvels we find and celebrate the mystic realms this sphere has to offer. I want us to artfully portray the world as we see it in our journeys together. I want us to share all this—among our journals that we’ll carry with us all along our various ways.